Blossom of Tecoma flowers

Tecoma flowers, also known as Malaysian Sakura, blossom twice a year – once in early February and then, in April. Here were can find two colours (pink and white)of Tecoma trees planted along the streets.

White Tecoma flowers
Pink Tecoma flowers

The beauty of dry spell

The weather is hot, tree leaves drying up, dying, and falling…. but still, this is the best view I have ever seen so far here in Pauh, Perlis during the dry spell 2016.

IMG_7656 copy


The Dry Spell

El Nino has brought plenty of heat and drought for Malaysians from the end of January until now this year. Perlis is one of the state that affected. The peak ambient temperature here has peaked at 34-38°C. However, I thank God that I got this opportunity to capture the beauty of nature even they are under its dry spell.


the day I missed out eclipse

Yesterday was a day when everybody went to look at the wonderful rare eclipse happened in Malaysia. They shared their pictures everywhere online, and I’m the one who missed out that moment. 😦

Anyway, this is the beauty of sunset I got yesterday at Kuala Perlis, Perlis.